January 03, 2023

Ashley Garnett

The NIMBY EXPERIENCE was incredible and was really wonderful to watch (incredible editing of so much footage!). You and your crew were able to show Luis Guzman as a homeless individual in a truly moving way (I alternated between bursting out laughing and wanting to cry). He was funny, optimistic, bewildered, sad, tired, determined and lonely. The film showed how long a day truly is when you are homeless; it also showed how faceless homeless people are to others. And, it showed that people can easily acknowledge others who are homeless with a look in the eye and a smile and a word - something that simple and that easy can keep people who are homeless from losing touch with reality. People need to understand that they shouldn't be frightened of saying a simple "hello" as they walk by someone who is homeless. The film shows this extremely well. It was creative, funny, had a great sound track, showed statistics in a clear and stark way, and had a huge impact on me. I want to show it to everyone I know. I really enjoyed working with all of you and would love to continue to work with you in any way that I can be helpful.

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