Frank Nitty


About Frank

As an international, multi-platinum artist, Nitty has traveled the world and experienced life in a way that most could not even begin to imagine. Private jets, fancy cars and all of the amenities afforded by a lifestyle as a music superstar were always a part of Nitty’s everyday life, until one day he was hit in the face and in the heart by reality. After taking a much needed break from touring, Nitty decided to spend more time at home to be with his then, ailing mother and other family members. As his day to day life began to take on more of a “normal” routine, so did Nitty’s consciousness as an artist and his vision of what now inspired him, changed drastically.


Instead of fast cars, hot women and the lux life, Nitty started focusing in on the less glamourous parts of society- homelessness, gun violence, depression, unemployment and civil rights issues. Nitty was taken aback at how these very serious issues could be right in front of his face, yet he was able to feel so removed from them because of his own personal lifestyle. Nitty knew then, that his consciousness was being awakened in that way, for a reason and he became driven to let his platform, as an artist, now take on the responsibility to educate, empower and inspire.

From this mode of thought, Nitty began immediately writing and basing his next project on real human issues in today’s society and hence the HumaNitty project was born.


Nitty’s first single, Homeless, is just one example of what to expect from his upcoming 2016 release. What has now become somewhat of a passion project, Nitty has taken his commitment to this platform a step further as he puts his proverbial “money where his mouth is” and has pledged that fifty percent of each song’s proceeds will go to an organization that is directly related to the topic of each single. Nitty’s ultimate goal for the HumaNitty project is to partner with organizations and help to further publicize the cause and the movement so that more people will want to support and help cure what ails us as one global entity.

“I consider myself to be more than an artist. I have to be. I have been blessed with a voice and a position to reach millions and if I cannot use those gifts to help my fellow man- my brother or my sister; wherever he or she may live, whatever language he or she may speak and whatever skin that he or she may be in, then I am useless. I am an Ambassador for Humanity, a Global Ambassador, because wherever there is injustice, or someone suffering, I want to bring attention to it and make a difference” explains Nitty, “I want to be the voice for the voiceless. “

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