Giving Back is the New Black

The Socially Conscious Fashionista, an adaptation of the Original RBRW Web-Series is becoming a weekly TV show - Where Beauty, Glamour & Entertainment Meet Social Responsibility. Our New Show reveals that giving back is truly glamorous and activism is sexy!

The Socially Conscious Fashionista


The Socially Conscious Fashionista Team takes viewers on an inspirational journey into the world of socially aware and responsible celebrities with in-depth interviews, live event coverage and exclusive backstage footage.


Viewers are provided with instant exclusive Tweets, social media postings, online photos and instant on-line Red Carpet interviews. Many of the celebrities, models, stylists and beauty artists are unsung heroes in their efforts to help those less fortunate. They are given a platform to promote their favorite causes and to promote their latest endeavors.


New Season. New Episodes. Coming This Fall.

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