The NIMBY Series

The Nimby series allows the viewer to discover candid American social secrets hidden in plain sight. We take you into the world of shelters that provide safe havens for battered women, foster teens, gay teens, runaways, and abuse victims seeking refuge in a country refusing to acknowledge the severity of violence and abuse happening in it’s back yard.


We will show you how some states are making legislative progress fighting human and sexual trafficking, while other states laws still date back to the antiquated 1950's. Our objective is to show the problems, the whole truth behind them and then the solutions for those problems. It is imperative to help America’s voiceless Victims and Break The cycle of violence, abuse, poverty, ignorance, corruption etc. You will see how we can all 'Make A Difference' and that we all need help.


Whether you are the elderly without water or a veteran needing counseling our series dives into what people in America are suffering from and what they need to LIVE and not just survive or exist. Our actions support our message. 100% of the profits from our series goes to saving shelters and organizations that break these cycles. If you have a video and want it to be a part of our NIMBY series please fill out our how to participate submission form.


Thank you! World Peace Begins At Home...

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